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Did you know that your credit card saves you money when you rent a car? Many credit cards offer additional credit card benefits because of car insurance policies.

To take advantage of the car rental service, you must use the compensation for loss / damage paid by the insurer. Keep in mind that your credit card offers are primary or secondary coverage, which includes vehicles and travel, whether you have covered or not. Need help choosing? Continue to find the best credit cards for rental cars.

01 Best to boycott the country: Chase Sapphire Dear
Chase Azure Favorites
Chase courtesy
Chase Sapphire Favorites Provides Primary Coverage for Rental Vehicles with Your Credit Card. Since this is the main cover you will have the benefit of, and you will be able to do so by your personal auto insurance companies.

You can take up to 31 days of cash in most of the rental cars inside or outside your rental country. Insurance cover covers physical losses or stolen car, vehicle repair and valid during the corresponding Tov Break. Except luxury and antique vehicles, some types of vehicles are excluded.

Chase Sapphire gives 50,000 points sign-up bonus if you spend $ 4,000 on purchases in the first three months of the account. If you book through the Chase Ultimate Awards, you are worth $ 625 for travel.

Important Price: The annual fee is 17.99 to 24.99 percent. Annual fees for the first year are $ 0 and $ 95 per year. No foreign transaction fees

02 Best Premium Rewards Credit Cards: Chase Safari Reserve
Chase Safari Reserve
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Chase Chase Safer Reserve offers initial coverage for all your purchases. If you use your car hire, avis and silver cards, you will be special privileges to rent a special car.

Every dollar is worth $ 4,000 when you spend a point to pass, sign-up bonus is 50,000 points. If you redeem it by the Ultimate Prize, it's worth $ 750 for a bonus trip.

Other awards include $ 300 annually and $ 100 for a Global Entry or TSA Paycheck.

The annual interest rate is 17.99 to 24.99 per cent, the annual fee is $ 450 and there is no foreign transaction fee.

03 Suitable for the award: United MileagePlus Explorer Card
United MileagePlus Explorer Card
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United MileagePlus Explorer Card is another credit card that covers most vehicles from around the world, except "expensive, foreign and old" vehicles.

If you hire some award-winning partners such as Hertz, hire a car at a dollar and rent a car, get extra award miles.

Earn $ 40,000 in bonus miles after spending $ 2,000 on purchases in three months before opening your account. For every dollar you buy at the hotel restaurant, it runs two miles and is purchased directly from the hotel. You earn $ 1 for tickets purchased in United and everything else.

If you pay with your Explorer Card, you will receive 25% credit on purchases of food, drinks and Wi-Fi on shared flights.

Important Price: The annual fee is 17.99 to 24.99 percent. Annual fees for the first year are $ 0 and $ 95 per year. No foreign transaction fees